Power of Sale Current List

Buckingham takes the time to search the MLS by vendor name to come up with a list of power of sales from major creditors in Windsor and Essex County.  The List generallly ranges from 50 – 100 homes in Windsor and Essex County.  Customers and Clients of Buckingham can register to receive this information.

Distress Sales resulting from bank foreclosures often represent a great way to get a fantastic deal on a home.  It’s not easy for the average homeowner to find these deals, because you have to keep scouring the paper to see when one comes up.

Not all Power of Sales are excellent buys. It is essential to understand the market when you are considering buying a power of sale in.  Often a home will go power of sale because the previos owner over paid.  There also could be defects that are not readily apparent.

Obtaining a complete list of power of sales automatically is not currently available from the Windsor Essex Association of Realtors computer system., so searches are done manually on an institution by institution basis.

If you would like to receive a list of Power of Sales in Windsor Essex. Please contct me.

  • There is no cost for this information, and absolutely no obligation.
  • This insider information,  will give you a huge advantage over other buyers in the marketplace.
  • If you like any of the listings you receive or would like more information, call me direct at 519-948-8171 to discuss your specific situation or book your one-on-one consultation. Or you can also reply with your questions and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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